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Port Out Instructions:

Once a family has lived in an HCV unit for one year/twelve months, portability becomes an option.

If a family is interested in porting their voucher to another jurisdiction, they must submit their request for portability in writing to the Housing Authority of Hartsville. When a family requests portability, the location where they intend to port must be identified in the request, and a 30-day notice to vacate will need to be submitted to their landlord and to the Housing Authority of Hartsville. The Housing Authority of Hartsville will determine if the family is eligible to port out and notify the family by letter of their approval to port. This letter will also provide the family with an appointment to come into our office and sign all portability paperwork. This paperwork will then be forwarded to the housing authority that the family is porting to.

Port In Instructions:

All incoming portability documents should be forwarded to:

Housing Authority of Hartsville
Attn: Tiffany Bishop
1301 South 5th St
Hartsville, South Carolina 29550

Contact Info for Tiffany Bishop
Telephone: 843.332.1583 Extension 15