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RFPs- Current

Procurement Guidelines

Small Purchases

  • For amounts above the Petty Cash ceiling, but not exceeding $100,000
  • Obtain reasonable number of quotes (preferably three)
  • Quotes may be obtained orally (either in person or by phone), fax, writing, or e-procurement

Sealed Bidding

  • A cost over $100,000
  • Preferred method for construction, supply and non-complex service contracts
  • Firm fixed price contract to the responsible bidder whose bid is the lowest in price


  • Public Advertising
  • Public bid opening
  • Awarded based on a firm fixed price and principally on the lowest price

Competitive Proposals

  • Preferred Method for procuring professional services
  • Solicited through the issuance of a RFP (Request for Proposal)
  • Evaluated only on the criteria stated in the RFP


  • Public advertising and direct solicitation
  • Evaluation criteria stated in solicitation
  • An Evaluation Report summarizing the results
  • No offeror shall be given information about any other offeror's proposal
  • Determine which vendors are appropriate for further negotiations
  • Select vendor whose proposal is best for the authority

Noncompetitive Proposals

  • Used only when the award if a contract is not feasible using other proposal types
  • The item is available only from a single source
  • An emergency exits that seriously threatens the public health
  • HUD authorizes the use of noncompetitive proposal

Cooperative Purchasing/Intergovernmental Agreement

  • A State and/or local cooperative or intergovernmental agreement
  • Used to purchase or use common supplies, equipment or services
  • Using and interagency agreement based on economy and efficiency