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About Hartsville HA

On July 13, 1971, the City of Hartsville and the Housing Authority of Hartsville signed a corporation agreement establishing the Housing Authority.

The commissioners are appointed by the Hartsville mayor and city council. Each term is for 5 years. No residents are on the Board of Commissioners. One of the earliest HA Boards consisted of: Mr. C. Ansel Hughes, Chairman; Mr. J.G. McGee, Vice Chairman; Mr. Tommie Mack, Commissioner; Mr. Charles Douglas, Commissioner; Mr. Leon Pennington, Jr, Commissioner.

Mr. John M. Daniels was the first Executive Director. The office for the Housing Authority of Hartsville was initially located in Florence, S.C. Currently the Housing Authority of Hartsville is located at 1301 South 5th St. in Hartsville, S.C.

In May 1980 construction began on the Southpark Apartment Complex. The complex was completed in August 1981. Southpark Apartments was dedicated in 1982 in memory of Mr. Paul M. Stanley. Mr. Stanley served as Vice Chairman of the Housing Authority Board and was a very devoted and conscientious Commissioner, who worked diligently to see that the housing needs of the less fortunate citizens of Hartsville were met.

The Eastpark Apartment complex was constructed in 1991.